Why Unilag Undergrad Babatunde Badmus (Badmus Apparel) hasn’t taken any Allowance from Parents, since 19

For many students in Nigeria’s tertiary education institutions, the labour market for which they are preparing is already saturated and tough. Therefore, some of them like Babatunde Badmus, a final year student of  Petroleum Engineering at the University of Lagos, are already earning comfortable income from innovative business activities and launching into the world of entrepreneurship.

At the age of 18 and as a fresh matriculate in Unilag, Babatunde started his Badmus Apparel,  a business which  brokers fashion items such as shoes, clothing, caps, etc,  for both sexes.

Babatunde Badmus, Campuspreneur and Owner of Badmus Apparel

How does Babatunde do it? He operates as a middleman, taking orders from clients based on their specifications and takes such orders to the best suitable tailors, shoemakers, cap-makers, etc. These orders are then produced to finished goods and delivered to his clients. Babatunde delivers ready-made items within 24 hours and custom-design orders are delivered between 10 to 14 days.

With Badmus Apparel, Babatunde, who has virtually become an expert in the fashion business and often adds his unique touch, relieves students who do not have much time of the stress they meet whenever they need to engage the services of tailors and fashion designers.

A snapshot of Badmus Apparel on Facebook

He also ensures fashion items and accessories supplied to his clients are original and of high quality. Babatunde currently receives an average of 80 orders per month, with most sales coming from his social media channels, especially Instagram. His instagram account has some 15,000 followers.

According to him, “My motivation stems from the fact that I want people to have good quality fashion items, as low quality fashion products not only rips off the buyer of the original, but also reduces the value of the person putting them on. Hence, I try to provide them at affordable prices for people.”

A peek at Badmus Apparel on Instagram

Now armed with four years of experience in the business, Babatunde believes he has what it takes to launch into uncharted territories and the bigger world of fashion business out there, upon graduation. He graduates just a few months from now.

Babatunde has not collected any allowance from his parents, since he was 19 years old. That was 3 years ago.

“Well, I am self-sponsored”, he says.”No money from home, since I was 19”.

Babatunde Badmus comes from a humble family. His mum sells food, while his dad is an auto panel-beater. Nowadays, however, Badmus has been able to provide for the needs of his parents and siblings. Thanks to his enterprise.

Presently, Badmus employs the services of three people who are students like him. While two of them serve as delivery hands, the third employee serves as his secretary. Remuneration is done on per task basis.

How did he get initial capital to start Badmus Apparel? Babatunde says he saved from feeding allowances from his parents, at the beginning. However, for him, there are now potentials for business expansion, but funding poses a challenge. Babatunde would want to take his business to greater heights, but does not have enough funds to do so.

He says he hopes to raise funds by looking for investors and friends interested in profitable opportunities. Right now, Babatunde is in a discussion with a friend who may invest in the business and become a part-owner.

And with such funds, he says he plans to rent a physical outlet where customers can shop for fashion items in person and have a feel of good quality products, rather than rely on photographs only.

He hopes to continue with this business, after graduation.

In his words, he looks forward to…a much more established Badmus Apparel, after bagging my BSc, which is in a couple of months.”

“I’m going to focus fully on my brand and deploy all necessary resources for development,” he added.

Babatunde Badmus has a message for youths: “It is necessary at this point to find something you are passionate about and work tirelessly to use it to improve the lives of people.”

Are there other Campuspreneurs out there (anywhere in Africa), whose efforts are worthy of emulation? Let’s celebrate them. Who is your favorite CampuspreneurLet us know, now.

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