Google displays family of impressive new devices

Google’s much anticipated hardware event has just concluded with the company establishing itself as an innovative hardware company. Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai, opened the event speaking on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) should shape lives. “It is radically rethinking how computing should work; computers should adapt to how people live their lives, not the other way around.” He said. The presentation continued with a demonstration of the devices with special features, all connected to the Google Assistant. Here are some of the products revealed:

Google Pixel Smartphones

These new smartphones with the highest DxOMark of 98% beat iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8’s claim to having the best camera quality (DxOMark is the leading source of independent image quality measurements and ratings for smartphone, camera and lens since 2008).

Hold up the camera to an advert, for instance, and you can automatically pull out the email address. Take a picture of a film poster or book cover to search for it, among other interesting features.

Borrowing an idea from HTC, a company whose team Google acquired, you can now squeeze the phone to enable the assistant and with a verbal command, take a selfie.

In a direct swipe at the iPhone, the Google executive introducing the device said Pixel users upload twice as many pictures as iPhone users, and would run out of the free iCloud storage in just three months if they were with Apple. Using a special accessory, iPhone users can switch in just 10 minutes or less.

Google’s New Products

Google’s First Earphones

One of the surprises we got from Google’s hardware event was a pair of Bluetooth headphones called Pixel Buds. They’re wired behind the neck but they’re every bit a competitor to Apple’s Airpods.

They can support real-time translation in 40 languages as the device allows direct, voice-to-voice translation. Your Pixel phone hears someone speak, and the earbuds play a translation of that speech in your preferred language.

The demo, which elicited an applause was a test of the live language translation feature. A conversation onstage translating English to Swedish went on without a hitch. The translations followed about 1-2 seconds after each party in the conversation finished their sentence. “It is like having a personal translator by your side.” The presenters boasted.

Google Home Max and Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini, a small round speaker comes in 3 colors. It costs $49 and is available for pre-order. Google Home Max is a high end smart speaker that’s clearly aimed at competing with Apple’s upcoming smart speaker. Equipped with Smart Sound, a new tech that adapts the sound to fit your context, for instance, raising the volume when the dishwasher is running or playing songs fit for morning calm, it’s about delivering consistent, crisp sound experiences, complete with the Google Assistant.

 Google Pixel Book

Ultimately, these are portals to your Google Assistant, another way to stay connected and get stuff done without needing to look at your phone. You can speak to this chromebook too, since it’s the first laptop with Google Assistant built in. As though they know it is weird to speak to a laptop, the Pixelbook lets you type your request too. It also comes with a stylus: the Pixelbook Pen. As with all the products launched, of course, the Pen is AI powered; circle something, and Google Assistant will look it up, handwrite some text, and it will automatically recognize it.

You can also run Android apps on your laptop, but apparently there’s going to be something special in Snapchat for Pixelbook. The Pixelbook starts at $999, and the pen at $99, with pre-orders already opened for US, UK and Canada.



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